Rage Against Mediocrity


An otherwise insignificant passing on the street filled my mind with thoughts of my youth. A man, whose sanity to some does not fit within the norms of society, was bellowing Dylan Thomas across the beautifully worn  steel of the Burnside bridge. “Do not go gentle into that good night, rage rage against the dying of the light.”


The impassioned spirit of my early twenties loved the strength of that poem and understood it as an old man’s anger against a faint light of life being extinguished. Today, after a decade of ‘life’ has tamed that spirit into a tax paying citizen, I hear those words differently. Our fight isn’t against death, but against life.


We do not stop growing once we get a job, secure a mortgage, and have our 2.5 children. Life does not ‘happen’ and life does not stop and start. It’s a continuous cycle, ever repeating and at the same time ever changing. For some disturbing reason it is easier to be comfortable with repetition then with change because the beauty found in change is often bridled by a stronger sense of fear. But change is evolution.


Why do we stop asking ‘why?’ How do we find answers to questions that are not found by googling ‘what is the god damn meaning of life?’ Such a search would probably yield links religious in nature, followed closely behind by Wikipedia defining the questioning of the meaning of life, now there is a mind ‘f’ for people searching for answers. Our knowledge is now relegated to the first page of Google links, oh crap.


If I look to the existentialists for answers, I might as well jump off the side of this old bridge and save myself the inner anguish that spawns their insightful tunnels inward. Who has the time to follow Sartre around for a few hours? Or I guess the harder feat from finding time is the moral strength to once again be optimistic? Optimism, is that something I can cling to in order to find meaning in daily life? I equate that with ignorance. Cynicism, now there is something I can relate to, but that doesn’t seem like a healthy tune to whistle.


All I know for sure is that we must rage against mediocrity, to fight against daily monotony. Don’t dull your wits with senseless routine-keep transcending, keep asking why. I guess the only thing that seems like an obvious truth is that by continually questioning means to be looking for answers. I think the path along that search is where meaning can be found.







































































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