Katherine Weaver, RA


I'm Katherine,


living in Austin, Texas who loves opening hoods. Give me a challenge and I roll up my sleeves and lean in.

Recent Work

Environmental Impact Reporting
Product Design Lead
Transforming building data into portfolio-wide environmental impact metrics for regulatory and voluntary reporting.
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EPA's Energy Star Integration
Product Design Lead
Delivering on the business promise of full software integration with the EPA's Energy Star Program.
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Pattern Library
System Creation and Management
Creating consistent user patterns and production efficiencies through a self-standing design system.
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What can design sound like?

Let's make some music

I iterate using a toolbelt of skills— orchestrated notes building to a multi-faceted solution. I had some fun with front-end development and built a synthesizer to simulate this.

cross-team collaboration
problem identification
create business value
user journeys and wireframing
develop user patterns and mental models
learn and adapt
map the information architecture
maximize outcomes and measure engagement
understand the market space
user research
prototyping and user testing
user interface design and visual communication
define opportunity space
stakeholder alignment
use and hone the design system
assist engineering and adjust designs
design QA
produce balanced solutions